Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flowers in the garden


RiverSoul said...

Beautiful pics
Awesome flowers
Love the blue one
From ur own garden?

Ps Blogrolling you
Do follow my Blog too

rakhi said...

dat blue one luks gr8!!!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Beautiful pictures..the colors jump off the page!

Dan said...

Stunning colors and great pics. I love these macro shots!

Leah said...

You have some very cool blogs!! I like this one and the one with all the cakes!! yummy! Thanks for visiting me over at The Point. Stop in any time.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Beautiful. I am particularly fond of pansies. Their little faces smile at you!



Mari said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are very talented. I visited all your blogs and enjoyed the vegetable art, the poems, the pencil art, the cakes and your photography. Very nice!

Amy said...

Beautiful flower shots! :D
And thank you for the lovely comment!
The pilot was sitting next to me in the plane :)

Kim said...

Hello Susan,

I love your photography a lot. The flowers and plants are wonderful, the apple is yummy, but I am really interested in those insects which look like tiny monkeys. What are they?

Thank you for visiting my "between" blog. The one you saw were the paintings waiting to be uploaded to my web site. You might enjoy my other blog which is a lot more conversational and gets very regular posts. Here is the URL: I hope to see you there.

You do beautiful work, Susan!

Lo said...

oh, so beautiful flowers...i like the last one, :) great colours :) is a great thing to have flowers so beautiful in your own garden. Mine is full of flowers too, my mom loves plants and i enjoy looking all the colours :),
keep posting!!!

docwitch said...

gorgeous flowers! I love that beautiful, old-fashioned rose.

Tanvi said...


Even I have a garden which I realize lacks that very beautiful blue flower that you have in yours.

I remember calling it dog flower when I was in school...What is it actually called?

Linda Sue said...

These shots are so refreshing now that it is cold and dark up here in the north. These pictures are like taking a mini vacation!

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism said...

It's cold here, but these photos are such a beautiful reminder of warmth. Stunning, all of them.

Thank you for visiting my blog today.

Cathy said...

I enjoyed looking at your pretty colorful pictures.