Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crystals Everywhere ....

What else can be seen as fresh as water.....?.
Water always look fresh and refreshing.....

So what about refreshing your eyes with such a lot of water shots !

How even and smooth

steadily it drips

Drops of water make an ocean !

Look! a crystal

Then what else water be like.........many more

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunset Glance

the pictures given below are the best of the shots I have made of sunset.....
.hope you enjoy my photos along my poem about sunset.....

Glory of Sunset
Once in a day it appear
On the mirror of the earth
With vibrant patterns and colors
The whole world lies in complete harmony
On every bit of sunset.
There are no one who hesitate
To enjoy this hour.
All this appears like a spell
That a fairy has spelt.
Its glory is embossed out
By thousands of birds who flutter on the sky.

As the clock ticks time away
Its glory dwindles
And ends up with a dark blanket
With white twinkling spots on it.